Friday, March 10
Spiritual Questions: Whose are We?
Copelan, Kyndal and Karcyn Brown

Copelan (age 13)
To who do you belong?
I belong to God. He created the earth, the heavens, and everything in the Universe. I believe He created all this because it is written in His Word. HE has given me a family, church, friends, and life.
What sort of life has HE given you?
God has given me the ability to wake up and walk; to breathe; to have an eternal life in Him when we die. Everyone will have an eternal life (Heaven or Hell) but in Him we have the promise of hope in His Word and Heaven. We need to be a temple of God (protect our body that He has given us), don’t trust Satan or anything from him, and rebuke him. We belong to the One and Only GOD.

Kyndal (age 11)
To who do you belong?
I belong to God because He is the One that made us and gives us power by living in our heart and power in His word. In the scripture Jesus turned to God’s word for every situation given Him from Satan. We should never trust a bad person. I believe I belong to God and Jesus because they are the most important. If they did not make everyone we would not be here today at this very moment.
What sort of life do you have in God?
A physical and eternal life.

Karcyn (age 11)
To who do you belong?
I belong to God because HE gave us Jesus who died on the cross for us. That shows me how much Love HE has for me. In the scripture Jesus rebuked Satan by using God’s Word; this shows me Jesus belongs to God and so do we”. I believe if we do not trust God we would be in a bad place. We don’t need to listen to what Satan says or others that try and get us in trouble. Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the scripture and make him do bad things. Jesus rebuked Satan by the Word several times and did not go against God’s Word.
Dear God, help us today to come to you with the simple faith of a child. Keep us safe. Amen


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