Living a Resurrected Life,  John  11:25-26

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” If we believe in Jesus, we live. Even though we will die one day, we live. Then Jesus asked, “Do you believe this?” Because if we believe Jesus’ words, it changes our life.

We live today and in the future. We have a bounce in our step and a gleam in our eye. Yes, we may get knocked down by the circumstances of life. But when we do, we can get up. Nothing can defeat us. Nothing can separate us from God’s great love.

If we believe this, we need to live a resurrected life. We need to trust God and focus on God, when things happen to us. Don’t fall apart. Take Jesus by the hand and stand on God’s promises. Joseph trusted God. Job trusted God. God was there for them. God is with us as well.

Live a resurrected life for all the world to see. Point the way to Jesus.
Prayer: Jesus, live in me today so that I will be able to radiate Jesus’ love and grace to the world. Amen


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