From my childhood bedroom window, I could see the beam of Fire Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse itself was seven miles away across Great South Bay and not visible, but the steady rhythm of that beam of light was a comfort.  It was reassuring to know that it was always there.

There are many occasions and verses in the Bible where we are drawn to a physical light.  Think about Jesus’ baptism, or when He appeared after his crucifixion.

In John 8:12, however, we are focusing on a spiritual light.  “I am the light of the world.  He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  I want that kind of life, don’t you?

But what does it mean to follow Christ?  It’s a huge question, with many answers that are both simple and complex.  In the Gospels, we read about His teachings.  Adhering to all of the lessons He taught is a way to follow Christ.  There are so many “laws” to follow to reach the kingdom of heaven.  Would we fall short of doing it all?  Probably!

However, He did make it simple for us with just two main headings:  Love God and love your neighbor.  If we try our best to do both of them, we will not walk in darkness, but enjoy the light of life.

And like the beam from the lighthouse, this light will be steady and never fail.


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